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Write Or Die Stats

May 20, 2010


Write or Die Stats: 28th – 30th April

April 28, 2010

(I’ll add the others when I write them, you see.) 28th April, 08:00 28th April, 12:40 28th April, 16:20This is my best I think! Woohoo! 29th April, 08:00 29th April, 12:45 Actually, no, THIS IS MY BEST!

Day 3 Totals

January 11, 2010

Time: 1:08 pm Location: School Library Wordcount: 13, 048  words, and counting! Time: 5:10 pm Location: Study, at Home. Wordcount: 15, 515 words, and hopefully still counting! (I’ll try and write some more later!) An excerpt to whet your appetite: Prologue – Ten Years Earlier             She couldn’t hear me. I screamed again, calling her name […]