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Proof Copy and NaNoWriMo

June 19, 2010

I am very pleased to announce that my proof copy (purchased from http://www.createspace.com using my coupon earned in NaNoWriMo) has arrived. For those that don’t know, this is a pre-publication, or self-publication, copy of a book. It’s intended to be read through, checked, any typos and omissions corrected, before the book is properly published. Anyway, […]

Write or Die Stats – June

June 10, 2010

December Challenge – Novel before Christmas Day

December 21, 2009

So, you may remember this post. Well, I’ve got an update here. After a week of very little writing, and major writer’s block, I’m pleased to announce that my wordcount stands at:::: (*dramatic music*) 43,604 words! I have until Friday to get that up to 50 000, and seeing as it is holiday time, that […]

Today …

December 9, 2009

Today, I had a hissy fit. A friend of mine CRASHED THE COMPUTER while I was in the middle of WRITING MY NOVEL and so I LOST 500 WORDS AND 20 MINUTES WRITING TIME! I was mad. Very, very mad. She drives me mad, sometimes. But then I got another Terry Pratchett book from the […]

“Lord” Update

December 6, 2009

So I’m writing this novel called ‘Lord’. It’s going okay. I don’t think I’m as inspired as I was during NaNo, but I’ll finish it eventually. You can read the whole thing so far on http://www.protagonize.com XD But it’s nearly at 20, 000 words. I’m trying to write the last 200 words or so to […]