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An Apology

I haven’t written an entry for quite a long time. For that I apologise. But I do have several reasons, one of them being that I had some business cards printed, I gave them to my family and they had this blog address on them. My sister came on and made some remarks …

It’s very distracting writing a blog that your twenty-year-old sister could be reading any of the time. Besides, I’ve been pretty busy, what with music exams, chemistry exams andjust general stuff. And I had Writer’s Block for a week, meaning that there was absolutely nothing to say about my work!

But I thought I’d talk about myself, just for a change. You see, this blog is all about writing, and I don’t just write. I’m a dancer — I’ve recently been asked by my teacher to join the advanced class, even though I haven’t been dancing very long, though I haven’t decided whether to accept — and a musician.

This is about music.

I was brought up to play classical, and that’s what I have lessons on. But I’d much rather play Irish traditional and that sort of thing, meaning that there is often conflict between me and my teacher and my parents! I  play the fiddle (taught violin), the flute and the piano. I’ve also taken up the tin whistle, but I don’t tend to count that.

More on that later … 🙂


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