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Fear Of Failure

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “Fear of Failure Dreams”. I had one of those last night. You might or might not know that I play lots of instruments, but one of my recent instruments is the piano, and I’m supposed to be taking my grade 2 this term.

This formed the basis of my rather alarming dream.

I was in the music rooms at school, though I’m not sure what I was doing there. I hate the fact that dreams are so hard to remember! Anyway, so I’m just hanging about with my friends, having fun, chatting — that sort of thing.

And suddenly my eye fell on a sheet of paper. It had a heading “ABRSM Music Exams, Summer Term 2010”. I picked it up and saw the date. It was next week!

What a boring dream. But it was also extremely frightening. Do you know what I think it means?

I need to practice my scales.


One Response to “Fear Of Failure”

  1. Probably. 😉
    But then you never know.

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