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Unsung Hero Update

So, how’s it going with you? I’m okay. Unsung Hero — my latest novel, but this time not a 50,000 word challenge — is going well! I’m almost at 60k, and I’m not too far into Part 2, so that’s good. Everyone’s who read it so far has liked it and only one didn’t cry their eyes out. So that’s also good.

Mind you, I cried when I wrote it. I cried to hard! I do that a lot when writing books, though it’s normally because the computer just crashed and lost it all. That happens to me a lot. 😦

Technology sucks. Here, I have an idea. Comment on this post and tell me about all your least-favourite technology incidents. Whether it’s things crashing or what…

And the best one will be reposted for everyone to read. Not that too many people come on here, but you know… 😀


4 Responses to “Unsung Hero Update”

  1. Hmm, where do I start…. my laptop crashes and loses all my stuff, my oven makes my cooking explode, the microwave is bi-polar, my mobile phone can get reception everywhere but at school…

    It’s a long list xD

  2. ELLLO :D. YEah, it’s ‘too’ not ‘to’ by the way! Yes! I have finally pointed out a mistake of yours. MWAHAHAHAHA XD.

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