A Notebook Full of Words
the random scribbles of a developing writer

Excerpt From ‘Unsung Hero’ – Exclusive! :)

“Alys!” I called. She turned, the sword point dropping to the ground again. Alex rolled his eyes and glared at me. His message was clear: it was hard enough teaching her; why did I have to interfere? “Keep trying! We need you!”

She nodded and gave me the thumbs up, though I could tell she was slightly miffed that I had interrupted her concentration. Oh, well, at least she knew I was taking an interest.

“You too,” she replied. “You’re stronger than me: use it!”

With renewed vigour I hefted the sword again and turned to Cormac. I wished that Alex would teach me but he had refused, saying he wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Yeah, right. I reckon he was just afraid I would beat him. Which was not particularly likely to happen any time soon, as I wasn’t the best swordswoman the world had ever seen. Quite the opposite.

“Come on, Jennie,” he urged. “You’ll be fine. You can do this.” And then I realised I could. The magic would guide me, however cheesy and clichéd that phrase sounded. I knew it would. It had to—and for that reason, and no other, it would come to my aid.

With fire in my eyes I faced him. “Heck yeah I can. Think you can beat me? Think again.” I swung the sword toward him. It sparked and clattered as the two blades met. We twisted and turned in a frenzy of activity, neither of us able to make a hit. I matched him blow for blow, blocking every strike. It seemed that we would never stop, seemed that a winner would never be find.

“Stop!” said Cormac at last, gasping for breath. Strange, I wasn’t tired at all, and I was the feeble human here. He was the centuries-old fairy dude—why had I worn him out so? “Please, I need to rest.”


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