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An Excerpt From ‘Memory’ (UNSEEN!!!)

*Exclusive excerpt from Memory, as yet not posted on Protagonize (because I haven’t reached this scene yet … lol*

            “Tell me your name,” she insisted. When he remained silent, Oona cried out, “What is there to fear in a name? I cannot use it. Tell me your name!”

            Still he resisted. John stepped forward and put an arm around her shoulders. “Sweetie, I think you should leave it. If he doesn’t want to tell you, he doesn’t want to tell you.”

            “Why shouldn’t he?” Oona pouted. “Tell me your name.” It was hard to refuse a voice that held all the power of every Lord that had gone before, but the young Dark Lord resisted. A vein pulsed at his temple, until at last he caved in.

            “My name,” he said, “is Nick.” As though this released something constricting his throat, he let the words spill out. Maybe he realised that he only had seconds left. Even if Oona was not bound to kill him, he had lost a lot of blood and had taken a hard knock around the temple.

            “Nick Lawrence.” At her shocked gasp, he smiled. “Yes, I am Nicholas. I am the oldest son of John and Eleanor Lawrence. I am a descendant of the Don Dorcha: something that the ‘Lord’ should perhaps remember. Strange, but true…” He looked at her again, eyes bloodshot. Oona felt her anger draining away. This was her brother – she did not hate him! How could she? “I have two sisters, Ella and Oona. Before recently, I had not seen them for three years.”

            “You can’t be…” said Oona, refusing to believe this. She was related to the Don Dorcha? It was ridiculous! She could not be – Kian would never have come to her if he knew. And he would never have expected her to fight someone to whom she was related.

            “Here, take this.” Nick pressed into her hand a piece of paper. “I didn’t think I’d need it, but I wrote it just in case.” Then he laughed, “You know, I never expected you to win.”

            His lack of confidence in her would have offended Oona any other day, but she was too shaken up. Besides, it was true. She was not experienced enough. No one – especially Nick, who had been her enemy – would have expected her to win. Today, she ignored the insult. “What is it?” inquired Oona, looking down at the letter in her hand. “Why have you given me this?”

            “It’s me,” he said simply. “My story. I thought you ought to know.”

            Then his eyes rolled back. He was dying. David knew that the temples were a sensitive part of the body, but he had never seen anybody die from this type of fall before. He, like Oona, was going into shock. “Oona,” he said, his voice hoarse and dry. “Just do it. Please.”

            “Yes,” said Nick, the Dark Lord. Only there was nothing Dark about him now. He was just a man, injured and dying. “Oona, do it now. End this.”


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  1. Waaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is too much…. :L

    I’m going to hyperventilate and explode!

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