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Plot Excerpt … Sneak Preview!

A few spoilers from ‘Memory’!!! ::

From somewhere in the first third of the book.

  1. Everything starts to go wrong. There are fuel shortages – the price of petrol shoots up. The weather goes haywire; people are blaming global warming, but their theories have no strength, just holes.
  2. Oona dreams again. Kian tells her that the Dark Lord is coming, in the form of someone she knows, but it is just a guise to unnerve her.
  3. The Dark Lord comes, disguised as her dance teacher. She forces him to reveal himself: in reality, it’s one of the Don Dorcha’s descendants.
  4. Before she can banish him or put a stop to his plans, the Dark Lord vanishes. Soon afterwards, the deaths start. Friends, enemies, strangers: everywhere Oona looks people are dying. For some reason, all dancers are spared.
  5. The Dark Lord appears on television, hijacking a signal. He explains his quest (“To rid the world of the lie that is the Lord”) and implores young dancers to join him.
  6. Oona tells her dancer friends that they must make a choice – join her or join the Dark.

What happens next? Read it and find out!


2 Responses to “Plot Excerpt … Sneak Preview!”

  1. Niiice! Swanky new updates Del!!!

    Me like! 😀

    • Hee hee thanks. I was bored of the old design, so …

      You looking forward to reading Memory? Well, you’ll have to wait! I’ve posted everything I’ve written so far … 😦

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