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Readers of this blog will no doubt be used to my frequent ‘50,000 word challenges’. I’ve got another, now.

Memory. The not-quite sequel to Lord. You see, that one book has turned into a trilogy (The LORD trilogy) which led to me changing the first book’s name, and now I’m writing the third. I missed out the second. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to it.

So. Memory. What about it?

Well, here are my wordcounts so far: (Day. Wordcount)

  1. 1656
  2. 6239
  3. 6338
  4. 7767
  5. 9905
  6. 11312
  7. 15160 (That’s today – this isn’t a set figure, as I’m about to write more!)

Not bad, eh? I’ll keep you posted – wordcounts, extracts, that kind of thing.

Love you all, readers 🙂



2 Responses to ““Memory””

  1. Guess what Del?
    I’m going to start reading Memory. Fine-toothed comb in tow.

    Note: I will be disappearing off to Salamanca for a week on Wednesday, but I’ll start reading again afterwards…

    Sound good? Or would you prefer me not to?

    • Yeah, of course! Be very grateful. Of course, it’s only a first draft … I’ve a horrid feeling I’m being very long-winded with it. Sorry about that.

      I’ve a few more chapters to post already … I’ll do them soon as I get home tomorrow.

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