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Protagonize Presents … Musicians’ Corner!

New topic up at the Protagonize Pub, perfect for all those writers who secretly play the accordian/banjo/electric guitar/drums/{insert annoying instrument of your choice} in their spare time. But don’t think I’m biased against them or anything.

Actually, I quite like accordians.

So, feel like joining us? You know how to get to Protagonize – or have you never heard of a ‘links’ page? And I’ve talked about it enough. Just in case there are a few doughnuts/newbies out there who have not heard of Protagonize, here’s a link:

www.protagonize.com. I should get Protag Brownie Points for this.

Anyway, if you get yourself over there and sign up, under the ‘Groups’ heading you’ll find a link for the Protagonize Pub. Once you get there you’ll notice that the best (amazing) and most popular (because we’re just awesome) topic is the Musicians’ Corner.

That’s the place to be seen, here on Protagonize.

Go on, landlubbers, get your bums over to Protag and start writing.

Even if it’s only to crack a few very bad musician jokes with the rest of us. Come on, you know you want to.

What do you do if there’s a musician on your doorstep?
Pay him and take the pizza.


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