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Story Idea / Beginning. What think you?

It’s a strange world we live in.

Back in the old days, people used to worry that the government was monitoring the TV channels, the internet, the emails that people sent … but that’s nothing compared to now. Nowadays, they worry that the government is monitoring their brains: the very thoughts that people think, the moment that they think them.

Except that people don’t worry about that, because the government would hear about it as soon as the thought entered somebody’s – anybody’s – head. And then they’d be given the Choice. No one is ever the same after that: just something I’ve learned in the past fifteen years. I almost wrote ‘tears’ then. A slip of the pen. But they’ve been years filled with weeping, so I guess it would have been right.

I wonder what it’s like to live in fear like that – fear that my head’s not as safe as I thought it was. Fear about that. I’m not like everyone else, you see. My nightmares are different.


4 Responses to “Story Idea / Beginning. What think you?”

  1. What’s the choice?

    • Ah, well, you see, you’ll have to read the rest of the story to find out …

      I like keeping people in suspense. But I’ll post a paragraph that mentions it again later this week, and that’ll hopefully make things clearer.

      If I told you everything now there’d a) be no point you reading the story when it’s finished and b) be no point you ever coming back to my blog again. And I never get any visitors. So …

  2. Easy fix to getting visitors: Leave comments with a -link- to your blog. You can put your link in your name by going to your profile and putting it under “website”. The only reason why I was able to find your website again was because you visited my website and I was able to track back there.

    I think telling me what The Choice is would actually increase my interest. ^^ I still have plenty of other questions to keep me occupied.

    • Well, I’m not very good at this whole ‘blog’ thing – it’s so confusing! I’ve not really had any visitors till this last week, and your comment was my first ever comment, so …

      This is only the first scribbles of the story. Literally, I wrote it on the back of my chemistry homework in the three minutes before the Chemistry lesson last week. It just sort of … hit me.

      Maybe I’ll think about putting more info about the Choice when I write a bit more. In hindsight, I sort of think the whole paragraph seems a bit rushed, though that might be just my opinion …

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