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Learn a Lesson!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long. And I’d like to remind you that I gave up on my old challenge. Sorry!

Remember ‘Lord’? I’d edited about 50 pages or so … and then my USB snapped in half, quite literally! I lost all my edits, and although I still have my original, it’s a little annoying.

This is why, my friends, you should never, ever, ever just save things on a USB, because it spells ruin! (I also lost all my homeworks, and had to waste this evening re-doing them. Bums.)

It was my birthday last week. 🙂

Anyway, just thought I’d post, because I haven’t in a while. Nothing much to say, but don’t worry, I’ll be writing again soon – when I get back on Protagonize, so that Spook can yell at me again! (I got banned for being an idiot, but don’t you worry your pretty head about that).


2 Responses to “Learn a Lesson!”

  1. Bahahahahaha, so I can yell at you indeed. Very funny Del, very funny *winks and hugs*

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