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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

To my readers, however few they may be: I hope you have had a very merry Christmas and that your New Year brings with it great happiness. And that was a posh way of saying ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ Advertisements

December Challenge – Novel before Christmas Day

December 21, 2009

So, you may remember this post. Well, I’ve got an update here. After a week of very little writing, and major writer’s block, I’m pleased to announce that my wordcount stands at:::: (*dramatic music*) 43,604 words! I have until Friday to get that up to 50 000, and seeing as it is holiday time, that […]


December 16, 2009

It’s snowing! Yay!

School + Homework = No Writing Time

December 13, 2009

Seriously! School steals so much of my life! Isn’t it enough that we waste every weekday in that dreaded building, making our brains explode, without them setting us homework and wasting our weekends as well? I was planning to write this morning, but I had homework to do, and because the internet was not working […]

Today …

December 9, 2009

Today, I had a hissy fit. A friend of mine CRASHED THE COMPUTER while I was in the middle of WRITING MY NOVEL and so I LOST 500 WORDS AND 20 MINUTES WRITING TIME! I was mad. Very, very mad. She drives me mad, sometimes. But then I got another Terry Pratchett book from the […]

Stop the Traffik

December 8, 2009

As some of you know, and some of you don’t, I do a lot of volunteer work for a charity named Stop the Traffik. Their blog is http://www.stopthetraffik.wordpress.com – their website is http://www.stopthetraffik.org And we’re campaigning for fairtrade chocolate. Check out their updates now! Dairy Milk listened to us … how long will it be […]

“Lord” Update

December 6, 2009

So I’m writing this novel called ‘Lord’. It’s going okay. I don’t think I’m as inspired as I was during NaNo, but I’ll finish it eventually. You can read the whole thing so far on http://www.protagonize.com XD But it’s nearly at 20, 000 words. I’m trying to write the last 200 words or so to […]

Featured Author!

December 6, 2009

It is now uber easy to find me on Protagonize! 3 Steps: Go on http://www.protagonize.com Click on the ‘Authors’ tab look at the ‘Featured Author’ Please note this will only work until I lose my ‘featured’ status at some point this week, or something. Yup, I’m Delorfinde! XD I’m also Number 4 all-time top poster, […]

Write or Die

December 5, 2009

I recommend this website (www.writeordie.drwicked.com) to anyone with a deadline. Set your word target, set your time limit, and off you go! It: a) If on Gentle Mode, it will pop up with a reminder to keep writing if you pause for too long. b) If on Normal Mode, it will play evil sounds until […]